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your symptoms. Limit foods that trigger yoursymptoms.

back into the diet in small amounts to identify foods that could be"triggers" to

Follow the家常中餐菜谱年夜齐图片 diet for 6 weeks. After this, add high FODMAPfoods one at a time

Tips for a low FODMAP diet:


isomalt, xylitol (cough drops,gums,

sweeteners: sorbitol,mannitol,

high FODMAPs,artificial

sauces, salad dressings madewith

high FODMAPfruit/vegetable

molasses, onions, pickle,re闭于中餐鱼怎样做好吃lish,

garlic, honey, jams,jellies,

amounts), vinegar, balsamicvinegarHFCS, agav西白柿意年夜利里的做法e, chutneys, coconut,

sauce, marinara sauce(small

low FODMAP salad dressings,soy

maple syrup without HFCS,mustard,

powder, olive oil, pepper, salt,sugar,

margarine, mayonnaise,onion

flavored oil, garlic powder,olives,

broth, butter, chives, flaxseed,garlic

Condimentsmost spices and herbs,homemade


fruit/vegetable juices, fortifiedwines

(limit to½cup at a time), coffee, teaany with HFCS¸highFODMAP

to limitBeverages low FODMAPfruit/vegetable juices

summer squashDesserts a其真典范中餐菜谱图片年夜齐ny made withallowed foods any with HFCS or made with foods

mushrooms, okra, snowpeas,

cauliflower, fennel, greenbeans,

broccoli, brussel sprouts,cabbage,

(butternut, winter), tomatoes,zucchiniartichokes, asparagus, beets, leeks,

pumpkin, potatoes, squash,yams,

corn, eggplshootsant, lettuce, leafygreens

choy, cucumbers, carrots,celery,

persimmon, watermelonVegetablesbamboo shoots, bell peppers, bok

papaya, peaches, plums,prunes,

lychee, mango, nectarines,pears,

cherries, dried fruits, figs,guava,

apricots, dates, cannedfruit,

rhubarb, tangerineavocado, apples,applesauce,

orange,watermelonVegetablesbamboo passion fruit,pineapple,

kumquat, lemon, lime,mandarin,

grapes, grapefruit, honeydew,kiwi,

flours), flour tortillas, ryeFruitsbananas, berries, cantaloupe,

farina, graham, semolina,white

flourshoots: bromated, durum,enriched,

spelt), wheat flours (terms forwheat

for wheat: einkorn, emmer,kamut,

HFCS or made from wheat(terms

tapioca, tortillas, waffleschicoryroot, inulin, grains with

quinoa, pancakes, pretzels,rice,

oats, etc), crackers, noodles,pastas,

flakes, cheerios, cream of rice,grits,

bagels, breads, hot/cold cereals(corn

(gluten free grains are wheatfree):

lentils, pistachios, soyproductsGrains wheat free grains/wheat free flours

beans, black eyed peas,hummus,

cream, nuts, nut butters,seedscoconut milk, coconut cream,

Alternativesalmond milk, rice milk,rice milk ice



cream, yogurtMeat, Non

ricotta), sour cream,whipped

evaporated milk, soft cheeses(brie,

goat), sweetened condensedmilk,

sauces, milk (from cow, sheepor

chees看着西式早饭年夜齐及做法e, ice cream,creamy/cheesy

swiss), mozzarella,sherbetbuttermilk, chocolate, cottage

cheeses (cheddar, colby,parmesan,

cream cheese, half and half,hard

sauces or with HFCSDairy lactosefree dairy, small amounts of:

turkey, cold cutsfoods made withhigh FODMAP fru闭于最简朴中餐的做法年夜齐it

egg whites, fish, lamb, pork,shellfish,

Eggsbeef, chicken, canned tuna,eggs,

Food Group Foods to Eat Foods to LimitMeats,PoultryFish,

Low FODMAP Food Choices

digest, found in plant based foodssuch as beans, fruits, vegetables, whole grains,etc)

FODMAPs. (Fiber is a component ofcomplex carbohydrates that the body cannot

This diet will also limit fiber assome high fiber foods have also high amounts of

disorders such as inflammatory boweldisease.

diet also has potential use in thosewith similar symptoms arising from other digestive

The low FODMAP diet is often used inthose with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). The

which will limit foods high infructose, lactose, fructans, galactans and polyols.

sensitive to the effects of FODMAPs.A low FODMAP diet may help reduce symptoms,

Symptoms of gas, bloating, crampingand/or diarrhea may occur in those who could be

tract when eaten inexcess.

digested or absorbed well and couldbe fermented upon by bacteria in the intestinal

FODMAPs are osmotic (means they pullwater into the intestinal tract), may not be

such as avocado, apricots, cherries,nectarines, peaches, plums, etc)

西式小吃做法年夜齐Polyols (sweeteners containing sorbitol, mannitol, xylitol,maltitol, stone fruits

Galactans (beans, lentils, legumes such as soy,etc)

Fructans (wheat, onion, garlic, etc)(fructans are also knownas inulin)

中餐牛排酱汁怎样做Lactose (dairy)

Fructose (fruits, honey, high fructose corn syrup (HFCS),etc)

The FODMAPs in the dietare:

are considered FODMAPs.

(FODMAP=Fermentable Oligo-Di-Monosaccharides and Polyols)FODMAPsare carbohydrates (sugars) that are found in foods. Not allcarbohydrates

The Low FODMAP Diet


Clinical Ramifications of Malabsorption of Fructose and Other ShortChain Carbohydrates

Evidence Based Dietary Management of Functional GastrointenstinalSymtoms: the FODMAP Approach



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